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▪ Strong ice muscle

▪ Mint refreshing

▪ Tightening effect is obvious
▪ South Korea imports, international big brand incense (Laura, COCO, Wishing Elf)
▪ Unique heating technology, promote microcirculation, fully protect your hands; antifreeze, anti-crack, rejuvenation functions, full care
▪ No alcohol, no pigment, no moisture, no harm
▪ Accelerate metabolism, whiten and tender skin; protect your hands while protecting your nails
▪ Firming, smooth, nourishing, whitening, brightening skin
▪ Deep cleansing, removes dirt and keratin, locks skin's nutrition
▪ Suitable for all skin types, especially suitable for sensitive skin, can be used all over the body
▪ Contains fullerene, which can activate skin cells, prevent aging, resist oxidation, and can be used multiple times a day
 ▪ Skin care can also clean the skin again
▪ Contains centuries-old grass, winter cypress, citrus, lotus and other plant whitening ingredients, gentle whitening without worry
▪ Cycle care, the effect is visible
▪ Soothing formula for all skin types

The foam is delicate and rich, and is a cleansing product with clean keratin and aging objects, with century-old grass specific to the clean areas of Jeju, KoreaExtract as the main ingredient, for the skin to clean at the same time increase elasticity and moisturizing. After use, the skin feels refreshed and comfortable.


Detoxification, sedation, redness, swelling

  • Shrink pores and balance oil secretion
  • Hydrating, moisturizing, and relieving tension and dryness
  • Anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and promote wound healing, can be used for spa treatment, scraping, and sleeping film
  • Can be used in any step in skin care

Whitening and brightening skin tone

  • Nourish and improve dryness
  • Repair damaged skin
  • Exclude toxins and garbage from the skin
  • Contains 35% vitamin C, fast whitening
  • Can be used on any skin
  • Lock water to moisturize in one step

Promote basal cell regeneration

  • Deep hydration, nourishment
  • Stretch skin texture
  • Open the base to promote absorption
  • Can be used on any skin
  • Can do spa treatment, before the mask
  • Soften keratin, brighten skin tone
  • Reduce tension and dryness
  • Mild and non-irritating
  • Soothing formula, whitening and peace of mind
  • Can do spa, cold spray