About Us

The name of the Kanlinkor(Han) brand originates from:

KA------Faith , Soul
N:nature----Nature, Peace
Link-----Contacts, tables

Interpretation: " the beauty of nature of dreams "

Kanlinkor is an exclusive technology specializing in functional raw materials of cosmetic multinational companies, technical support by the Korean cosmetics development of the most authoritative, has always been committed to a high degree of challenge in the field of beauty and skin care in Korea Doosan R&D Center to provide. At present, the company has yeast extracted from the high-purity human active agent complex, a wide range of skin disease treatment components, skin whitening components, inhibiting the formation of red blood filaments and anticancer therapeutic agents, skin epidermis upward regulation of components, fat cell decomposition and inhibition of the formation of components, Yeast cell regeneration and active elastomer manufacturing, such as 7 kinds of cosmetic raw materials, the exclusive patented cutting-edge life engineering technology. In the industry with superior quality, significant efficacy, design ahead of the known.